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On-Demand Technology Development

Monte Consulting provides key technology development, data mining research, and product development services. We solve problems that lie outside the traditional boundaries of engineering disciplines, or that crossover these boundaries in ways that benefit from a renaissance approach. We recognize no borders between art and engineering.

With deep experience in industrial machine design, heat transfer, laser cutting and CNC forming of sheet metal, embedded IoT software and controls, we discover creative solutions and underlying relationships that shorten the path to completion. We utilize 3D printing extensively and support clients with rapid prototypes, sheet metal solutions, and integrated microcontroller-server solutions, complete with User Interfaces. We often combine 3D printed parts with laser-cut aluminum and steel components.

Publicly disclosable examples would be a low-cost eductor design combining 3D printed nozzles and venturis placed inside commercially available pipe fittings to transport sand slurries with standard pumps; polymer-concrete composite structure designs for extreme shoreline protection; and portable aluminum-steel structures to support LCD TV and related communications systems. 

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Our experience developing prototypes stems back to 1988, when company founder Matt Monte was hired by Saturn Corporation’s Prototype Build Team as a technician. After 8 weeks with Saturn he was tasked with building “Saturn 2001”, which was only the second prototype 2-door Saturn. He was 18 at the time. The vehicle was delivered on schedule in 4 weeks, ready for the road simulator.

He later developed process documentation for crankshaft machining at Ford’s Romeo Engine Plant, and operated an early robotic SMD electronics manufacturing line for auto supplier Stribel GmbH in Frickenhausen, Germany. He has taught university German and holds a Goethe Institute Certificate of Deutch als Fremdsprache. He also speaks Japanese at a high level.

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Education & Engineering

Earning degrees in Mechanical (BS, cum laude) and Environmental (MS) Engineering, Matt joined Cuda Cleaning Systems as an applications engineer providing custom conveyor systems to global leaders including Boeing, General Motors, Lear Corporation, Johnson Controls, Textron, and many others.

In 2001 he founded Monte Consulting Company to provide high-context solutions to technology businesses. The organization prides itself on team work, innovation, elegant design and rapid turnaround.

With clients around the nation, Monte Consulting has become a recognized leader in highly integrated research and data-driven operations. While Monte Consulting has delivered several world-first designs and technology discoveries, they are all under NDA and the IP belongs to our clients. So you can take our word for it or review our testimonials to evaluate the veracity of that claim.