Flourishing Brand

monte logo design before after

Rooted in four generations, Flowers by Sleeman holds the largest greenhouse and flower shop in the Copper Country area. Their existing logo was bright and fun, but they wanted a new brand to reflect their history and depth of experience.

monte logo design

Discussions of the company's past, present, and future planted the seeds for the first set of logo concepts. Using a range of plant and flower photography as inspiration, Lauren sought to design a wide variety of logo options that would help Flowers by Sleeman flourish well into the future.

monte logo design color selection

After narrowing down the options to a single logo design, bursts of color were added to bring the flowers to life. The logo was considered on both white and colored backgrounds before the magenta and black color combination with a radial salmon gradient was chosen. 

monte website ecommerce website design

A great brand is flexible, and Flowers by Sleeman's new logo can be used in a variety of ways: on white, black, with the text, or the flower mark by itself. The flower's petals are perfectly imperfect—a deliberate choice to reflect nature's creation in a realistic manner.

Creating a new logo is just the first step of rebranding. 

Learn how the logo design inspired Flowers by Sleeman's new e-commerce website.

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