Design Treatment

Semantics & Phonetics

Names need to be easy to spell, say, and remember, but should also tie back to the core of your business. They came to us as Vitality, but when we started discussions, we found there was another Vitality serving in the healthcare treatment area near their location. Ashley & Matt opened up the name, compiling a list of words and terms relating to treatment and care. We ended with TrueCare – combining the care shown at the facilities with the path to true north the patients are seeking.

Designed & Refined

Through an iterative and thoughtfully planned process, our team designed a logo based around our discussions of the TrueCare name and the services and compassion received in treatment at the facilities. The logo, created by Lauren, reveals the empathy patients experience during their treatment, through the support of those around them – visible both through the heart and the arm around the other. The clean and professional font paired with the blue color ties back to the healthcare industry.