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Your company has grown, but your website has not. If you long for easy-to-edit webpages and text that can be read on a phone (without zooming!), then read on...

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In a world of stunning designs and timber accents, Fire Tower Engineered Timber was lacking a way to showcase the wow factor on their website that they help deliver to clients. They came to our team with a vision of highlighting their locations and their services. They also requested a website that was easy-to-edit on the fly. Consider it done!

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We made their site functional and eye catching, but the real beauty is in their work – the work that is highlighted on the home page through a clean, simple and text-free slideshow. The website design incorporates elements of their craft through CAD drawings, an easy to find portfolio, a map of their service areas, and a mix of a little fun to really show-off the team’s personalities!

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Mixing CAD with Content

The Fire Tower team needed a way to easily update their site’s content to ensure what they were saying is on-trend with the market, but they also needed a way to display the modeling and planning their team does throughout the engineering process. The content pages throughout the site were built to allow for easy and painless content updating on the fly, while mixing in CAD models and people working, so their audience can get to know the team before making the call.

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Portfolio PaIring

Lauren got a collection of imagery from the Fire Tower team to start the project and knew from the beginning that they needed a place to feature all these unique projects. There was no way to highlight all these on the home page, so Lauren and our development team worked together to create a portfolio using a tagging structure with all the Fire Tower team’s primary project areas. Because it’s really all about the photos, each project receives minimal space for text overlays to include details of the project, while keeping the beauty front and center.

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Ad Design

Fire Tower also asked Lauren for help in designing printed ads. She created three templates that can be easily updated with new images and headlines periodically. 

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