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The number of years Monte has been designing for Pine Mountain Music Festival (PMMF)

brochure and logo design

The Partnership

In 2009, Monte and PMMF teamed up to rebrand and redesign all their marketing materials advertising that year's music festival. The annual music festival brings high quality (opera!) music to the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Monte was asked to give the Festival a fresh start, and the beginning of a pitch-perfect partnership was born.

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The Brand

The existing logo depicted several detailed pine trees and used a typeface that was difficult to read. After many rounds of ideation, reviews, and revisions, the new logo was beloved by all on the PMMF committee. The logomark combines a music note and flowing line to form a mountain. Combined with the fresh, modern type, the new logo sings.

Marketing Materials

Each year the PMMF committee selects a theme for that year's festival. The theme drives the music and events, as well as the design. Monte works with the committee to create and then refine the theme design, before applying it to all of the marketing media: newsletter, ticket brochure, concert program, posters, ads, and more. 

We need a marketing partner that is experienced in branding, messaging, print and web design, websites, videos, and photography... but we know it isn't likely that we can find one company that does it all. Which of these areas would you be able to help us with?

All of them.

All of them? 

Yes. We can do it all.

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