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project management planning

Planning & PM

Ashley makes the process as smooth as possible with email reminders, flexible scheduling, and (many, many) checklists. Like having your own personal assistant, but better because we’re not as pushy...most of the time.

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messaging writing headlines


After years of experimentation, Matt has honed our writing recipe for success. First, we look at where you’ve been. Then we mix and match - saying more with less. The result is great flavor, that your audience is sure to savor.

 Our Writing Flavor

naming company product services


You created a new company, product, or service... now what to name it? We use a data mining process and then analyze and rank names based on semantics, phonetics, and domain availability. The result? A name that keeps you top of mind.

Naming Process

university logo redesign

Logo Design

While Lauren hails from a farm, we are not talking the branding that involves hot iron (ouch). Beef up your brand with one of our custom designed logos, ensuring you stand out from the herd... cream the competition... and gain the upper hoof.

 Tuning Your Brand

graphic designer

Graphic Design

For over fifteen years we’ve designed logos; business cards; brochures; annual reports; flyers; ads; posters; tradeshow booths; signage; vehicle wraps; window decals; PowerPoint templates; email blasters; websites; apps... you get the idea. 

Design Time

hotel website design


You have four seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor (!). That’s where we come in—grabbing and keeping your viewer’s attention with great design, captivating content, and clear actions. 

Web Design & Dev

responsive website

WEBSITE Development

All of our websites are responsive, so they automatically adjust and flex to fit laptops, tablets, and phones. Text and images are quick and easy to update, and you can create new pages in just seconds. We typically build on: 

 Drupal OR WordPress

shopify ecommerce websites


Looking for an e-commerce shopping solution for your website? We can design a beautifully functioning store on Shopify that integrates with your shipping provider and seamlessly processes payments.

 Shopify E-commerce

mgroup property custom google map

Custom Maps

We create custom-designed Google maps and use them to display anything you can dream up, from projects and research to properties and services. Get inspired by checking out our favorite maps we've developed.

Custom Map Projects


It may be cliché, but the possibilities are endless. Our experienced developers work with a range of platforms—from Drupal and WordPress to Shopify and Larvel. We aren't afraid to build a website application from scratch (we consider it fun)! 

 Web Application Development

web developer


You have a website, but it is next-to-impossible to edit. You are frustrated, and rightly so. Our websites are easy to edit, and we record the training we provide to ensure you are ready to run with it. 

 Website CMS Training Services

javascript services from monte

Javascript Jumpstart

Not everything is a web app—most projects just need some straight up vanilla javascript. Contact us if you aren't sure if you need a library or a framework or are overwhelmed by tools like CoffeScript.

Get Javascript Fast


Matt has over 15 years of experience in capturing photo and video. Not sure which will suit you best? You can have both, thanks to our ability to seamlessly transition from photo to video using our top-of-the-line, industry-standard lighting, audio, and camera equipment.

Photography Services


houghton michigan video services


Worried you don't have the time to make a video? We can do it all—from storyboards and script writing to voiceovers and editing. More than 40 billion videos are streamed in the US each month – don’t get left in the cold. Ask Monte to heat up your marketing with a slick video.

Video Services

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