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Rodeo marinates, toasts, roasts, dices, and serves up simple, honest food. The photos on the website capture the aroma of the traditionally seasoned pork, the slow cooked beef, and the naturally raised chicken, paired with the brightly colored peppers roasted outside in the rain or snow. 

responsive restaurant website

Rodeo artists sketched the menu icons and Lauren colored and vectorized them for use in the menu both in print and online. The single-page, scrolling website is easily navigated on desktop, tablet, or computer – walking the visitor through the ordering process, further enhanced with photos, testimonials, and an easy to follow map.

website illustrations

The website was developed on the Drupal content management system and care was developed by our team to allow the client to make updates right from the home page. The menu items, like the burrito icon, title, price, slideshow image, and description are kept together to easily update during the lunch rush. 

website design

I’ll take a burrito bowl with chicken and mild salsa with a side of chips and that fresh made guac, please.

Coming right up, after we schedule a meeting to talk about a website redesign.

We would love to help! And snap some photos of the meats marinating, the chiles toasting, the cake baking, the food plating, and the team serving. 

Great! Let’s also look at our menu structure. We want people to come to Rodeo and get our process: pick the style, toppings, salsa, and sides.

Making sure your customers can order when they step in the door is our goal. You cook it up and we’ll help you brand it. 


Lauren felt the Rodeo logo could use a few tweaks to strengthen the brand, and Rodeo agreed. To give the website further flair, Lauren added the logo to a sign displayed prominently on the home page.

restaurant signage and menu design


To keep the Rodeo brand consistent and recognizable, Lauren continued the design theme from the website to the menu signage and paper menus displayed in the restaurant.

Onsite Photography

In order to show the true flavor of Rodeo, Matt visited the restaurant several times to take onsite photos of the atmosphere, cooks, and of course, the FOOD. Note that visiting Rodeo frequently can result in addictions, particularly in the form of chile chocolate cake.

Feeling hungry? Good, that was our goal.
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