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We pride ourselves on getting it right the first time. We need help getting our tradeshow materials right.

We can help you design a booth that will catch your audience's attention with photos of your facility.

What about a video

We can come to your location and collect footage, conduct interviews, and take photos of your parts and your processes to lead the marketing effort.

Great! How soon can you get to our location? 

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Logo: Before

While United Precision Products Co. Inc. approached us with a request for a corporate video, marketing media, a PowerPoint presentation, and tradeshow materials, the project took an u-turn at our first question: What do your clients call you? The answer was UPP, and we had a new starting point—rebranding and logo design.

monte logo design aerospace after

Logo: After

The new logo places the focus right where it belongs: on UPP. The simple aircraft arrow implies their work in the aerospace industry, while the contrails hint at UPP's ability to take action and deliver quickly. Their blue signifies that they are reliable and trustworthy, while the yellow accent color shows their energy and flexibility. 

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During the video shoot, photos were also taken to be utilized across marketing media, including the corporate brochure, the defense flyer, the commercial & general aviation flyer, the website, and the tradeshow booth. Because we assisted in every element, we built an understanding that was also utilized to develop messaging and content for the various materials. 

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Following the creation of the new logo, Lauren created a graphic design mockup of the website. The design was built by Chris to be responsive, so it easily flexes to fit both tablets and phones in addition to laptops and desktop computers. 

Check out the live website

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Custom Web Technology

Leaving the parts search capabilities in place using their existing database, we adjusted the website platform to allow UPP to easily and quickly update content throughout the website using the Drupal content management system. Following the completion of each website, we train our clients on how to add pages, edit text, and add images. We also record this training, so they can easily train new employees and refresh their memories on the process.


Custom animations were created for use in the introduction and closing of the video to tie in the aerospace market, as well as serve as a feature highlighting the new logo mark. The video presents the services and background of the company from the viewpoint of several employees—illustrating their commitment to service and their ability to treat each part like a jewel.

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