UPP Video & Animation

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United Precision Products (UPP) creates fasteners for aerospace. Their products literally hold planes together and keep them flying. The level of precision and quality needed in their industry is incredibly high, but communicating this can be a struggle. In scenarios like this, a video can bridge the gap very effectively. Wondering if a video will help tell your story?

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video interview

Point of view

Matt interviewed several employees on camera to illustrate their commitment to quality and their dedication in treating each part like a jewel.

animated logo video

Custom animated logo

Custom animations were created for use in the introduction and closing of the video to create a motion-filled connection to the aerospace market.

aerospace industry video

Post Production

Matt captured a wide range of footage in just a few hours and then assembled it to seamlessly tell the full story of United Precision.

logo design before after

First Comes the Logo

Trying to grow your company with a weak logo is like building a tree house on a sapling. It doesn't make sense and the entire "house" is at risk of coming down. United Precision understood that their dated logo design was holding them back. Learn how Lauren's vision for a stronger brand took flight:

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mobile friendly website development

Website Design & Development

The MONTE team designed and built a custom Drupal website that features the photography taken by Matt, design developed by Lauren, and an easy-to-edit backend built by our development team.

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