Industrial Identity

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It's All in the Name

There is nothing we love more than working with a client in the early stages of their business development. For this project, this meant we had a hand in generating name possiblities for their revoluntionary BFRP rebar. Matt, in a moment of inspiration, dreamt up GatorBar, and it stuck.

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Brand Exposure

Once the name was chosen, the branding work began. Lauren designed the logo, complete with a texture taken directly from the product itself. Next she designed letterhead, business cards, PPT templates, flyers, posters, a t-shirt and hat, promo video, vehicle graphics... oh, and a website.

product photography

Product Photography

It's a well known fact that people love photos. There is nothing quite like a well-lit, well-composed photo to grab the attention of your audience. Matt took photos of the product in many different situations—from construction sites to macro studio shots—to showcase the rebar in all its glory.


custom graphics vehicle truck wrap
custom vehicle branding
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vehicle graphic design wrap

We need to name our product.

How about GatorBar?

We love it. Next, we need a complete branding package: letterhead, business cards, flyer & PPT templates, website.

Here you go. What next? 

We are sending a truck down to Houston. How about a vehicle wrap?

Consider it done. Anything else?

Oh, we need a sweet video showing the product.

No prob. Let's plan on shooting footage in the next day or two.

We also need a point-of-purchase display for Lowe's. Is that something you do?


point of purchase banner poster display
custom branding logo tshirt design
custom baseball hat design branded hat

Need a name? Logo? Brochure? Website?

We do it all!