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As the nation’s largest mountain bike trail builder, Rock Solid needed a website experience that lived up to the reputation of their world-class trails. If we get excited about building an engineering website—hint, we do—you can just imagine the squeals over the photos of glowing and waterfall trails. Lauren ran with their ideas and you need to see the result.

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custom google map

Custom Google Map

What better way to show all the trails you've built than an interactive map? Lauren designed the map to use orange highlights for the states with trails, plus mountain bike icons to indicate a trail system. The numbered circles represent multiple trails in that area—clicking zooms the map in and reveals the locations of those trails. 

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google map results filter

Filtered Results

Below the map are trail "cards" that represent each trail on the map. They include a photo, trail name, description, and link to the full details. Between the map and the cards are the filters, which we customize for each of the maps we build. What type of information could you display using a map approach?

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google map result

Full Details

After a user chooses a trail (whether by clicking on a map icon or on a trail card) they are brought to a page with a full description of the trail, additional photos, and an aerial map of the trails that is pulled from, which gives the user access to even more trail information. Imagine the possibilies!

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mountain bike trail website

Rich Texture. Rich Experience. 

Dirt. Rock. Wood. Steel. It takes many materials to craft a mountain bike trail... and once complete, those components combine to create an unforgettable experience. When you visit Rock Solid's website you'll be greeted by textures galore, from the rock behind their logo to topo lines, relief maps, and CAD of bridge structures. Just when you think you've seen it all, you scroll to the bottom of the page and take in the tire track running across rock. Close your eyes and hear the jack hammer chiseling the perfect path. No boring birds chirping over here. 

custom team website page

Rock Solid Team

The Rock Solid team page is custom designed to group their team into three buckets: business team, foremen, and build team. Each person has a photo, name, title, and link to their full biography. This easy-to-scan grid approach is a great way to highlight your entire team in a clear and concise manner.

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project photo gallery filters

Photo Gallery

When you build sweet trails, you hire a professional photographer to take even sweeter photos. Rock Solid's gallery page is the place to go for inspiration and stoke the fires of jealousy. The filter at the top makes it easy to find what you are looking for, and clicking a photo opens it in a large lightbox complete with captions and left/right arrows to click through to the next photo.

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custom contact forms

Custom Contact Forms

When a prospective client calls, you have a whole checklist of questions to cover. Wouldn't it be great if your website could handle those questions for you—saving you time on the phone and in recording the data? Prepare to be amazed, my friend.

We are well versed in creating custom contact forms that ask all the right questions and even change up the questions based on the answers entered. Check out Rock Solid's three contact forms (general, prospective clients, and prospective employees) and imagine what you could do with all your newly freed up time!

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