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Back to the Beginning

A website is at its strongest when wrapped with solid branding. Sometimes to effectively do our job, we recommend re-examining the brand before beginning any addional tasks. Every brand goes through changes and simplifications over time. We helped Rolar achieve the same. While leaving the name prominently in bold, we carved away the details, showcasing the cutting-edge and challenging projects tackled by Rolar through the implied motion. 

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Building a Brand

Every brand starts with the logo, but it certainly doesn't end there. Following the completion of the logo design process, Lauren created a design approach that was then applied to a range of marketing media, including business cards, letterhead, an email template, and a responsive website. The graphic design was flexible enough to fit the varying physical sizes of each item, while still maintaining consistency to project a united front to Rolar's customer base.

website design before manufacturing


website design after rolar products


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Through the rebranding and design process, the Monte team was able to pair the new brand with clean and simple headlines and an elegant design that showcases their work through well lit studio and on-site photography. Rolar's new, responsive website prominently features their products and allows users to quickly navigate to the product most relevant to them. 

The best part? We built the website so it is easily updated by the Rolar team—from adding new photos to editing the text. 

responsive website graphic design


To accompany the updated branding, the Rolar team needed new photography to showcase the work their team does and the products they work hard to create. But their projects are anything but ordinary. Rolar takes on challenges most others won't, so the photos tell that story. On-site photos in our studio provided Matt with the opportunity to capture the details of each carefully turned, milled, and cast part. 

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