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Standards Design Group (SDG) are the creators of advanced window glass design software, but their website was stuck in the past. The old site was full of text and lacking the photos to give it pizzaz.

That’s where we come in. Lauren found beautiful photography highlighting standard and complex window design in scenarios where their software may be utilized – wind loads in skyscrapers, blast resistant structures, loads windows bear when built entirely from glass, and the atmospheric effects on insulating windows. While sometimes we have real photography to use, other times, we rely on stock photography to tell the story. We’re experienced with both.

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How are homepages built?

What is right for you may vary from what is right for another client. We customize our home page designs to ensure we are sharing the right message with your audience. In the case of SDG, we felt it was important to highlight all of their software platforms, so we went with a scrolling home page approach.

With this solution, each software gets a row featuring a relevant photo, the software name, its features, and a button linking the site visitor directly to the product page. We end the home page with a clear call to action because the last thing we want a user to do is get to the bottom of a page and wonder “what next?” The contact us provides clear action and a bit more background on SDG and their design process.

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Landing Page Design

Much like the home page, how we design and build a content page varies based on your needs. In the case of SDG, they needed a place to first explain their software and wow the audience with a photo. We follow that paragraph with action buttons that bring the user down the page to the “features” and “pricing” sections.

The page further highlights the software’s functionality with large screenshots and descriptions of each element. These software pages help the audience compare the different options to gain an understanding on the best software for their specific application.

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shopify ecommerce website design

Pricing with Shopify

The pricing section on each of the software pages is custom built by our developers to pull in pricing and buttons to renew or purchase single license or network licenses of the software using the SDG Shopify account. If running a simple one or two button online store is something you’re interested in pursuing, our team can make recommendations on the best approach, from Shopify Lite to PayPal buttons or a full ecommerce platform, like Shopify.

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help landing page

Help when they need it

SDG said their customers frequently ask for help, so we dug deeper. We asked – what questions do you get asked most frequently and made sure those had a space on the “help” page, in addition to the form, which allows the user to directly contact SDG should their question not be addressed in the FAQs section.

The FAQs block on the bottom of the page expands and collapses to reveal the answers and can be added to with ease by the client as additional (common) customer questions are found. If you find your customers have repeated questions, we find the FAQs block a successful way to handle questions in a friendly and efficient manner.

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