Onsite Industrial Photography

We need photos for our marketing materials that showcase the variety of services we offer and the people and equipment used to complete each task.

We can travel to your location and capture photos of your crew working in each of your main service areas.

We need to make sure the photos highlight our dedication and dependability. We’ve been around for 100 years and want the photos to show that commitment! 

We’ll map out a plan that highlights the breadth of your services with enough variety to use new photos across the website and brochure.

Any Length

Hoist us up 20 feet off the ground. Plunk us on the back of a moving truck. Ask us to shoot in sub-zero temperatures. We (mainly Matt) are going to get the shot you need, without letting a fear of heights, bodily harm, or hypothermia slow us down.

Bird's Eye

Services and equipment can’t always be captured from the ground. Our team takes flight using our drone and a tablet to capture the shot—from vast indoor shops to heavy lifting equipment, sprawling test tracks, and more. Our team is equipped with the gear to get your shot! 

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