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Show me the numbers

M Group boasts an impressive portfolio with over $479 million in assets under management, more than 3,600 apartment units, and 3,800 student housing beds. They wanted a way to feature that on the site alongside the featured photos of their properties. Lauren created the design space and our developers brought together the animation to really impress their audience. Animations play a key role on the home page carefully highlighting the various property locations both through a map view and with featured property cards.

Custom Map Technology

To fully feature the vast properties located across the country, M Group wanted to expand on the map approach our team developed a few years prior. We took the existing development and enhanced it to further improve filters and differentiate between sponsored and investment properties, while also using icons to display property types. The icons and colors are used both on the map and through the filter on the left side column. The map uses colored circles for locations where there are more than one location, specifically like Denver and Detroit.

It’s in the details

The impressiveness goes beyond the number of properties. It’s also about the quality of the properties. Pages are created about each property features on the map with a featured photo and a property description, as well as a short at a glance section that explains the type of property, the location, the acquired date, the exit date (if applicable), and a link to the property website. Below the details, each property includes space for a gallery of images to further display the space.

Small, yet impressive

In investment scenarios, the investors are trusting the team at M Group to make sound decisions. It’s important for investors to feel comfortable with each person. While M Group is small in terms of employees, Lauren designed their site to reflect their big investments! The “Meet Our Team” page enables the investor to see the team member’s photos and get to know each person through a brief bio.

History of Success

M Group is all about the investments. Lauren created a custom branded timeline displaying M Group’s total investments, both in dollars, square footage, and property value, with photos highlighting the significant properties for each year.

Branding the Story

The content pages on the website let M Group tell their story and subtly remind their investors (or potential investors) about their brand through the M mark used as an overlay on the photos.

Sharing the News

Tagged by year, the news section of the site serves as a way to share information about acquisitions with investors. Photos and links are offered as a way to entice their site visitors to read more.

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