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responsive camper trailer website design

What do we do when our client’s video goes viral? Design and build a website in one day, of course!

During this super fast design/build process we kept a key fact in mind: we knew the website would need to morph and grow to encompass their future plans for the horse trailer and truck camper markets... and grow it has!

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website landing page

Websites That Grow With You

The website has flexed to feature their new compact and classy truck campers alongside the innovative horse trailers that made them a viral sensation.

Using renderings from the engineering team at KingStar, Lauren designed horse trailer and camper landing pages to help website visitors quickly see and understand the different configurations.

When they place their mouse on an image, the price is revealed and they can click the details button to learn more. 

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price calculator

Price Calculator

The price calculator on the website is one of the most visited pages of the site. When a buyer comes to the page, they are presented with two options (to build a camper or a trailer), unless they come from a trailer or camper specific page, in which case the option is pre-filtered for ease of use.

As a user makes their initial selection, they are presented their choice of camper or trailer and then presented with various options in colors, features, add-ons, and accessories. The form automatically calculates the user’s total in the right sidebar with an animation each time something is added or changed.

As a last step, the user is prompted to fill out the form information to share with KingStar sales associates to make a plan for fulfilling the order.  

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camper trailer photo gallery

PHoto Gallery

With products as detailed as horse trailers and campers, the photos play a huge role in helping potential customer's understand the functionality and level of quality. One of KingStar's creaters is a talented photographer, so we created a photo gallery page to make the most of the stunning photos he takes. 

Website visitors can choose to see all the photos, or filter by horse trailers or campers. Captions appear when they place their mouse over an image, and clicking opens the photo in a large slideshow. 

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kingstar logo brand design

Did you know we also designed the KingStar brand? 

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horse trailer graphics

We designed brochures, ads, trailer graphics, & more!

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