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Running a green coffee business and a consulting business presented Artisan with a unique set of challenges. How do you feature both arms of the business on the home page without giving one a stronger presence over another?

Our team carefully reviewed the website structure and photography and percolated down to a split screen home page that presents the user with both options. As the user scrolls down the page, they see the mission statement of Artisan and the upcoming events for the business as a whole. 

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Stirring up the Options

The green coffee current offering page is critical to telling the story of the green coffee importing segment of Artisan’s business. Once again Lauren reviewed the photos and text and found a way to balance the three green coffee offerings with photos, certification information, regional and elevation information, as well as background on the origin and processing of each of the coffee imports. The three buttons across the top allow users to quickly and easily navigate to the coffee variety they are most interested in with a clean and clear design that allows them to easily harvest the details.

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Sustainable Consulting

From a consulting side, it is truly all about founder, Ruth Ann, who pairs coffee with economic development. The section features photos of Ruth Ann in the field, while presenting her service offerings in a clear and easy to follow layout

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