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Close your eyes and imagine a light breeze and sun on your face as you sip a cold beverage and relax on your oceanside balcony... while earning continuing education credits.

No, this is not a dream. Thanks to the American Educational Institute more than 50,000 doctors, dentists, and attorneys have attended continuing education presentations at beautiful destinations. They earn their credits by day and play at night. It's a win-win!

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What makes you different?

AEI is transforming 'continuing education' from boring to brilliant through their top-notch presentations available at over 40 drool-worthy destinations. The organization is simple: do you want sun or ski? Make your choice from the drop-downs to learn more about that location.

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Custom Google Map

People like choices. To make it as easy as possible to see all the destinations, we customized a live Google map complete with icons for sun, ski, and dual (sun/snow) locations. Users can zoom in and out and click an icon at any time to see the name of the location and a link for full details.

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Destination Cards

Wait, there's more! In addition to the destination lists and icon map, we created a 'card' for each destination that features a photo, the name, and icons indicating if that location offers sun, ski, or both. Additional filter options are available in the blue bar for an intuitive search experience.

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Guided User Experience

The entire website is designed with multiple pathways that all lead to the same destination... the continuing education destinations! The individual destination pages have a large banner image (that also functions as a slideshow if more than one photo is uploaded).

Course dates, tuition pricing, and other important details are all easily scanned on this page. Once the user has chosen a destination, they click 'register now' and are taken to a SalesForce guided reservation process.

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Custom Designed for Your Content

AEI needed robust page layouts to organize their content. This was especially challenging because there are times when they need to display the content for two year-long courses at the same time. We stepped up to the challenge by incorporating rows of information that can be opened and closed (accordions).

This approach makes it easy to scan a large amount of information quickly before clicking on the topic of interest to reveal the full details. Once a topic has been 'opened' the fun continues—clicking 'meet the instructor' reveals their bio while 'preview' opens a video on top of the page. 

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Design that is Uniquely You

We balance your design requests with our experience in design best practices. From specific color numbers to the use of your logo as a watermark in the background, we strive to create a website that you identify with. As always, all our websites are responsive so they automatically adjust to work well on all screen sizes: from large desktop monitors to laptops, tablets, and phones.

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