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From the ground up

Way, way back in the day, Thermoanalytics was one of Matt's first clients when he created Monte Consulting. For many years he would split his time between the Monte office and Thermo, where he would dive deep into the details with their team. While Thermo's team has grown and their needs have changed, the relationship remains. The Monte team designed and built them a new custom website capable of growing with them for many years.

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Software Picker

Thermo has three main software lines that needed high visibility on the home page. The solution? The software picker—basically three tabs—allows website visitors to select a software and see related content, images, and an action button. Every website homepage we design is thoughtfully considered to display your services/products to their advantage in the most intuitive manner.

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Featured Content

What happens if a website visitor keeps scrolling right to the bottom of a web page? The last thing you want is a dead end, stranding them with no action to take. To ensure there is always another road to take, we designed a featured content row with space for a photo, headline, sentence, and button. Because it operates like a slideshow, you can add multiple roads to related content.

monte thermoanalytics software website company timeline

Company Timeline

Thermoanalytics wanted an interactive and interesting way to highlight their history and how far they've come in their 25 years of business. The company timeline highlights where they've been and where they are now in an easy-to-operate interface that shows a photo and description for each year.

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monte thermoanalytics software website careers design

Careers Page Design

When we design a new website, we don't stop at the home page or even a typical content page. We analyze your content, your goals, your industry, and your audience. From this assessment we determine the website pages critical to your success and we design them—top to bottom. These key landing pages often contain custom row designs that are tailored to your specific content. 

The careers page on Thermo's website features welcoming photography of their team members, bold headlines that capture their company culture, icons to draw attention to their excellent benefits package, and an easy-to-scan list of their current job openings that can be filtered by department. When you have a critical website page, you need Monte's custom website design services.

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monte thermoanalytics software website custom row styles

Custom Row Styles

What is a row style? Let's break it down. A row—in a website—is what you see on your screen right now. As you scroll down, you will see row after row of content, stacked on top of each other. These rows form the website page. The row style is the design of a particular row. Style includes specific colors, fonts, font styles, photos, photo styles, and how all of those pieces fit together on the screen. We're making this sound complicated, aren't we? It really isn't.

Why are we talking about row styles? Because they matter. When we design a website, we create custom row styles that will work best with your content, photos, and videos. If you have a ton of beautiful photos--we'll make sure to create several row styles that highlight those photos. If your website is content-heavy, we will design row styles that break that content into digestable pieces in a visually appealing way. The best part? You can use any row style in any combination to build unique and custom website pages that tell your story in the best way possible.

When you hire Monte to design and build your website, you don't just get a website that looks exactly like every other website—you get a website that is the best version of your company.

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