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We need a new website, something that is mobile friendly and does a better job showing our facility.

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Your current logo has “incorporated” in the name, but that isn’t necessary in the logo, only in the DBA. Brand recognition begins with your logo, so we’d like to simplify.

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You got it. We’ll look at the logo, business cards, the website, and a brochure. To do all this effectively, we’ll also need some time to come photograph your facility.

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monte logo design before after

Logo Before / After

A logo is often the first touchpoint a customer has with your brand. Our team strives to simplify logos, removing unneeded wording and introducing clean and easy to recreate marks. The task for Laser North was no different. Lauren gave a nod to their old logo, leaving the lasered “L” in place, while connecting it to the N and simplifying by removing the incorporated, which is not necessary in a logo.

monte logo branding design laser cutting

Covering the Bases

During the logo design process, we asked Laser North to name all the places their logo is seen by customers. This allows us to design a logo that fits every situation and size requirement. In Laser North's case, we created two logo variations: one with the words stacked, and another with Laser North side-by-side to create a more horizontal shape. This second version is used on the website as it fits best.

website design laser cutting

Website: Before

Laser North's website was solid, but getting up there in (web) years. The design didn't flex to fit tablets or phones, and the content was difficult to edit. And if they wanted to add images or new pages? Forget it! They are on the cutting edge of technology, but their website simply wasn't cutting it. We knew what we had to do: build a mobile-friendly, responsive website featuring great photos, great headlines, and of course—great design.

monte website design laser cutting

Website: After

While the new website maintains the original website’s structure, the similarities stop there. The design combines photos with messages carefully crafted by Matt and Ashley. Playing homage to their fast lead time, experience, and large manufacturing space, the site visitors are greeted with the services provided and the ever present codes for easy administrative confirmation from their customers. The design elements build on the refreshed brand identity while still maintaining a connection to their past.

manufacturing photography website design

Website Design

The services pages each feature text written by Ashley and photos taken onsite or in-studio by Matt—all pulled together by Lauren in a clean and modern design. The design makes the most of the outstanding photography and solid messaging approach to both illustrate and define the services offered. To finish it off, we included links to lead the user through the website or to the contact page so they can request a quote.

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monte onsite studio product photography

Photo Gallery

The parts gallery highlights the unique welding, bending, and laser cutting solutions on various parts created at Laser North for production runs, utilizing both in-studio and on-site photography taken by Matt. The in-studio photos are taken on a white background with a full-lighting set-up to make sure the details of each part are brought out for the customers to see, up close.

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