Eck Branding

Clean & Simple

Eck Industries approached us for a new website and during those discussions we asked about the Eck logo. The E circle mark was visually interesting but we were concerned that much of its detail would be lost when viewed at a smaller size (such as in a website header). They were open to the idea of revising and strengthening the logo, so we had another discussion around their brand promise, competitive advantages, and their existing brand recognition. 

Initial Logo Concepts

Lauren created a number of logo options and then arranged the best of the best onto two pages. The MONTE team reviewed the options internally and removed any they felt weren't worth pursuing before numbering the "finalists" and arranging them on the two sheet of paper pictured. 

We met with Eck and discussed each logo individually before sharing the pdf with them to take a closer look and narrow them down to their favorites.

Font & Mark Refinements

The Eck team identified two mark directions they favored and five fonts. For the type, we considered uppercase, an uppercase E with CK in small caps, and Eck as propercase.

For the mark, we explored a wide range of circular rings, overlapping circles, transparencies, and even introduced color to see how it impacted some of the options. Note that this strays from a typical logo process, where we intentionally design in black and white until the logo is finalized. This ensures that the logo works well in one color and that your logo choices were not influenced by color but instead based on the overall design concept.

Logo Use & Color

After the double ring approach and font treatment were chosen, we considered how to best incorporate "industries" underneath. While the Eck team knew they liked navy and green, we also took a close look at which pairing of blue and green was right for their updated brand.

The final step was saving the new logo in a large variety of file formats and creating the "logo hierarchy" page that outlines which logo to use as primary, secondary, and tertiary. It also notes the exact color numbers in Pantone ink, CMYK (print), RGB (screens), and hex (web) so the Eck team can keep the brand colors consistent across all media.