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One-third of all online activity is spent watching video. Consumers like to see and hear about a company and its capabilities without being force to read the text. People like having options and that’s exactly what GS Engineering was looking for when they came to our team for help with a video.

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We need a video featuring our people, our environment, and our capabilities.

You want to provide insight for your audience on the agile environment and the dedication of the team working on the projects from automotive to aerospace.

You nailed it. What is the first step?

We’ll want to talk through what needs to be highlighted in the video and who the expert on each subject matter is and then we’ll come in for interviews and footage of your team working.

video interview


Coordinating seven interviews in the course of a four hour time block to cover topics from product development to structural optimization and industries from government to aviation is a challenge for most. But Matt was up for the challenge to follow GS Engineering’s fast-paced workflow to find the message and tell the story with each interview. 

video footage services


From flying a drone to feature the GS Engineering facility in Houghton to crawling through dirt at the test track, conquering new heights in the bucket truck to balancing testing and equipment, the Monte team will do what it takes to get the shot. Whether inside the shop or running tests at a desk, the footage featured throughout the video was captured by the dedicated videography team. 

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With over four hours of interview footage and countless hours of b-roll in the office and at the test track, Monte has honed in the ability to expertly find the story. For the project, Monte sifted through the footage to find the gold that helps GS Engineering to shine. It’s not just about the capabilities or the equipment, but about the people that audience meets throughout the course of the video. 

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