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viya automatic glove dispenser website design

Imagine being able to put gloves on without ever touching them. The impossible is called Viya.

Viya's automatic glove dispenser is as easy as 1) selecting your glove size, 2) inserting your hands, and 3) removing your hands, gloved and ready to go! After naming the product, designing a logo, and creating an animated video, the MONTE team designed and built a clean and simple website.

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viya logo design on a card

Logo Design

The Viya logo mark is at first glance very simple, yet on closer inspection reveals gloved fingers within a pair of automatic copper rings. Learn more about the logo process and the thought behind the design in the logo project.

Viya Logo Design

viya website animation composite image

Capitalizing on Available Assets

Don't have photos or a working prototype yet? No problem! Using renderings exported from the video animation Matt created, Lauren created a composite image to visually represent how the glove cartridges are released from the dispenser into the waiting trash bin below.

responsive contact form

Easy Outreach

The Contact webpage features a simple web form to make it easy for interested parties to reach out for more information. As is the case with all our websites, the form adapts to fit all screen sizes—from desktop monitors and laptops to tablets and phones—so you never have to worry about lost opportunities due to difficult-to-read or navigate web forms.

viya icon features phone

Iconic Approach

The website design uses eye-catching icons along with short text blurbs to draw attention to Viya's key selling points. We animated the icons as they load on the page, which supports the automatic nature of the Viya glove dispenser.

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viya step by step instructions on phone

Easy as 1-2-3

We find that people gain a quicker understanding of a process or idea through images. Renderings captured from the video animation serve to demonstrate just how easy it is to use the automatic glove dispenser. 

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viya website facts on phone

Face the Facts

People love data. When at all possible, we try to use facts to validate the message we are sending. Viya's automatic gloving process is faster and more sanitary than traditional glove donning, and the numbers make that clear.

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Viya's automatic glove dispenser is quick and easy. Animating it is not.

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