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monte hunt orion deer blind ecommerce website

Build a blind. Bag a deer.

If you're a hunter, then you need a Hunt Orion deer blind. Heck, you better buy a stand too. After all, you want the best view possible, right? These innovative deer blinds break down and build back quickly—pickup and go. Hunt Orion already had the product and brand promise... they just needed us to assemble the pieces into an online store to get selling.

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Home Page Story

Let's talk website home pages—what do you show and say? Should you always start with a full-screen slideshow? Follow it up with lots of big buttons? Toss in a few more photos and more text for search engine optimization? The answer is... yes and no. There is no such thing as the golden ideal for a home page, only the ideal for YOUR content, YOUR goals, YOUR photos, and YOUR industry.

That's why every home page we design is custom-made for YOU, and no one else.

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Flaunt Those Photos

Great photography sets the tone of your website, and can help tell your story at a glance. Hunt Orion is a great example where a small set of well-done photography creates an edge over the competition. Some of the best hunting is had at dawn and dusk... this idea is reflected in the dark tones of the photography, which also creates a sense of mystery and drama that is irresistible.

Need photos? We do that.

monte hunt orion ecommerce website product pages

Ecommerce Product Page Design

In addition to their blinds and stands, Hunt Orion wanted to sell accessories and gear. The Shopify ecommerce platform is able to handle everything from a handful of products to hundreds and thousands. The product page design makes good use of the gold accent color to selectively highlight key information and action buttons... think of it as the yellow brick road leading you straight to Oz *cough* Orion.

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