Mason-Grey Google Ad Design

Google remarketing ads appear to your recent website visitors.

You want to drive traffic to your new website, but how? There are a number of ways, and we are happy to discuss the best options for your situation. In this case, we designed several Google remarketing ads in a variety of shapes and sizes for our client, Mason-Grey. Below we outline several different sizes and styles of Google remarketing ads and the benefits of each.

Monte Mason-Grey leaderboard google ad design

Google Leaderboard Ad Design

The Google leaderboard ad has a distinctive shape that lends itself well to appearing at the top of websites, typically immediately below the website header (where all the links are). This ad is very long yet short in height, so keeping the message and design short and simple is a must. Here we lead with Mason-Grey's logo paired with an image, and then the animated ad fades to their message.

As you continue to review these Google ad examples, you'll notice that they all use a consistent brand approach and story—Exceptional Engineers. Now.—to speak to Mason'Grey's competitive advantage. Google remarketing ads are a great way to reinforce your brand through repeated exposure to your logo, messaging, and/or imagery. 

monte Mason-Grey half page google ad design

Half-Page Google Ad Design

The half-page google ad is one of the largest options, with very functional and tall shape offering plenty of space for branding, copy, and imagery. While many are tempted to cram as much content as they can into this half-page ad, we find that the most effective ads keep their message simple—even when there is more space to fill. You'll see here that while we initially fill the ad with a colorful and engaging photo, we soon fade that image into the background and display a short message.

monte Mason-Grey mobile google ad design


Google mobile ads appear only on... mobile. Imagine that! Their compact size makes for an interesting design challenge, but with the help of a little animation we are able to loop through the Mason-Grey logo, a simple message, and a related photo.

Monte Mason-Grey large rectangle google ad design

Large Rectangle Google Ad Design

The large rectangular ad fits nicely into the sidebar of a website. You will often see these Google ads on the side of your email inbox, for example. Because they typically appear stacked in a column, it is important to design your remarketing ad in a way that stands out from the crowd. Bright colors, limited text, and eye-catching images are all ad design approaches that we employ to grab attention using the rectangle google ad.

monte mason-grey linkedin hiring ad design

LinkedIn Hiring Ad

LinkedIn is a great tool that businesses can use not only to share news and events, but to market themselves and advertise job openings. Mason-Grey wanted a few options for a "now hiring" ad and Lauren delivered several—all on-brand but with varying styles. Learn more about LinkedIn ad design and how we use it to help Mason-Grey gain traction in the marketplace.

LinkedIn Ad Design


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