Brand Education

higher education logo redesign

Before / After

Finlandia University approached Monte for assistance in marketing themselves. As we often do, we began with a discussion of how the brand (and logo) affect the perception of your audience. Lauren, a graduate of Finlandia, felt strongly that the logo could be improved with a few small tweaks: adjust the letter width and spacing and aim for balance and overall unity. The new logo uses a modified version of the original typeface, with deliberate spacing that increases legibility at all sizes. The leaf and tagline were removed, and Finlandia was emphasized through contrast and size to make the brand one to remember.

university logo brochure design


Following the university logo redesign, Monte worked closely with the Finlandia team to create a range of marketing collateral: a "lead piece" to reach interested students; a multi-page "view book" with greater detail; and a comprehensive brand identity style guide detailing everything from typefaces, logo do's and don'ts, color palettes, and college identifiers. It also included templates for a wide range of applications: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, PowerPoint templates, athletic wear, billboards, flyers, ads, and much more. Learn more by viewing the full project.