Recovering the Beauty

As a newer treatment center, TrueCare didn’t have photography to offer to fill the site. Our team relied on clean and simple stock photography showcasing people feeling cared for either by themselves or with the help of others.

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Clean Navigation

Throughout the site, we tie back to the logo though the use of the heart as a design element to feature either messages or photos. On the home page, Lauren highlights the core service offerings of the TrueCare Treatment Centers with easy access to phone numbers and appointment links. Bubbles and dropdown menus featured as users scroll down the site, highlight levels of care and programs offered at TrueCare in a clear and concise manner.

Finding a Balance

Each page of the site features carefully planned out photos, text and calls to action, while continuing to focus on the treatment philosophy and appointment options for patients. Testimonials of patient experience are highlighted through the site in the footer as a way to build trust in their audience.

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