City of Houghton Bus Wraps

City of Houghton bus wrap design
Bus wrap digital design
Graphic design of bus wrap on four sides

More than a bus design

The City of Houghton could have put their logo and phone number on their new city buses and been done with it. But they had a vision that their transportation system could be more than a vehicle that takes people from point A to point B. Could the buses inspire visitors to think beyond the vacation—and consider moving to Houghton? 

Messaging words conceptualized by Monte

Finding the words

Houghton, Michigan is unique in many ways. From their copper mining history and beautiful landscape to the thriving modern-day community filled with growing families and businesses. Matt and Ashley developed a range of messaging options, which we presented to the City of Houghton team. A number of approaches were discussed and pondered, including the miles of trail, feet of snow, and number of engineers in the Keweenaw. The chosen structure tells this unique story of past, present, and future. 

Messaging platform created by Monte

Live to ___________

After much discussion, a flexible messaging platform was created around the idea of living in the Keweenaw in order to do the things you care about: creating, adventuring, connecting, etc. The "Live to _______________" approach is utilized on several different buses, with a different keyword featured on the long side of each bus. This messaging platform can grow infinitely and adapt as what matters most changes over time.

Multiple full bus wrap designs

Exploring all Angles

Once the messaging platform was finalized, Lauren began to develop a number of full bus wrap designs. She explored a range of colors, shapes, and arrangements of the necessary information within the restrictions of the usable areas of the buses. In addition to the typical challenges of designing a 3D wrap, she also needed to create free spaces for future sponsor logos to be applied in a cost-effective manner.

Photo of city bus design by Monte Consulting

Making a Splash

From the vibrant gold, orange, white, and black color scheme to the abstract "ripple" design scheme, the City of Houghton bus wraps emulate the area's energy and growth.  Printed and installed by Industrial Graphics, the messaging platform paired with the vehicle design reminds residents and visitors alike that living in the Keweenaw is a unique experience that gives the freedom to enjoy both work and play to the fullest.

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