A New Brand in the New Year


We like being trend setters, but sometimes it’s necessary to follow the trends. Just like Pepsi Cola became Pepsi, Ford Motor Co. became Ford, and Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers became Wendy’s, after 15 years as Monte Consulting, we became MONTE. 

Out with the Old

As with any rebranding effort, we analyzed (and analyzed) our brand. We looked at the logo and the name separately and together, and even considered changing our name to something entirely different.  This process evolved over the years, and we slowly started migrating toward just MONTE by dropping "Consulting" from the logo, as seen in our 2016 holiday card.

In with the New

We’ve been around since 2001, but our team has grown and our services have been expanded; it was time for a change. Our brand needed a refresh. We needed a simple, clean, and easy to remember logo. After many (many) iterations and logo sketches from everyone on the team, we could check the logo off our list. 

Less is More

We aren’t doing it just to save on printer ink (though we are eliminating 10 characters). We’re doing it because it’s what we’ve heard. Our clients have been calling us MONTE for years – in meetings, on the phone, and through referrals, we decided it was time to listen. Instead of preaching that less is more, we’re taking action. 

logomark logo brand design

ace the 3 Second Test

We wanted to create a brand that was easy to remember, and passed Matt’s 3 second rule (you should be able to sketch the logo from memory after looking at it for 3 seconds). 

After countless iterations, our team gravitated toward a minimalistic, logotype approach... with a twist. As a marketing company, we help our clients check things off their to-do list (by maintaining many, many lists of our own). The subtle checkmark hidden in the “M” represents us perfectly as the people to call when you need quality marketing materials completed on time, on budget, and on target.

branding design


We wanted our logo to show that we help client’s dot the “I’s” and cross their “T’s” from naming to logo, brand materials to websites and everything in between. Our team knows what the process looks like because we’ve been perfecting it for many years. We have a list and we always check it twice.

brand logo launch

Rocket: Check

Launching a brand should be fun and exciting. We took the literal meaning of launch and shot our new brand into the sky. The engineers on our team had a field day with the rocket launch (even in the midst of a snow storm) and we hope you do too! 

logo design


It’s been like Christmas in our office as we prepared to release our new brand. Matt’s new business cards (made of PVC) arrived, our new (and clear) envelopes with return address labels, thank you cards for our awesome clients, and our annual calendar all arrived with the new branding.


We are Monte

We may be Matt, Lauren, Ashley, and a team of developers but together we are MONTE. A team committed to providing you with timely service, solid design, engaging videos, and reliable websites. 

Looking to freshen up your brand?