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We need to refresh our website, so that it follows today’s standards.

We can customize a Shopify template that will allow you to continue your online storefront, in a more secure system.

Do we have to process credit cards with Shopify?

No, Shopify handles payment in the backend, so you never have to run credit cards. Shopify also manages taxes and shipping, so you only need to take your product to be shipped (or picked up by the shipping retailer).

This sounds like a great solution!


Monte has worked with Dirt Bag for several years, so we already had the photography and the messaging to get started. Lauren went straight to work, selecting a template that allows the client to feature their products, with the option to make a purchase, as well as basic pages for traditional content like the Frequently Asked Questions, Installation Requirements, and About Us. The Shopify ecommerce platform is set-up to seamlessly manage both product pages and basic content pages in one easy-to-update system.

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Once the template was selected and design approved, we styled the template by updating the menu, fonts, logo, and colors. In the development process, we redeveloped the home page to include additional slides. The product pages were also customized for customers to enter in specific width, height, and depth. 

Worried your needs are too complex? We offer custom web solutions too. 


The site is set-up to pull in orders from the website to the client’s Quickbooks account using a third party Shopify app, which makes order processing a breeze for Dirt Bag employees. 

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