Automatic Glove Applicator

Name. Logo. Animation.

The name was chosen. The logo designed. But soon we would face the biggest challenge yet—an animated video that shows a nurse placing her hands into the Viya automatic glove dispenser within a medical setting. Easy, no. Worth it, yes.

viya video animation design on laptop

Bringing the animation to life

Matt had to put all of his accumulated animation experience to the test when he created the Viya automatic glove dispenser from scratch... and then took it 1,000 steps further to animate a nurse as she puts her bare hands inside and then removes them perfectly gloved. This animation was critical to the success of Viya, and is featured prominently on the Viya website home page.

Viya website project

viya animation human texture

Touching up the texture

'What on earth is that?' might be running through your mind. Admittedly, it took us aback as first-timers as well. If you've ever wondered what a texture map for an animated human looks like... ta-da! Creepy and cool all at the same time, right?

Lauren tweaked the color of her scrubs, gloves, hair, and more to better match the Viya brand colors and look more realistic when rendered under the lights.

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