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Does your audience feel pain? Do you have a solution?

Small-to-medium higher education institutions have a major pain point—they have a ton of data but lack the resources to crunch it so they can make data-driven decisions. Enter SightLine: No software needed. Hands-on help. Science-based predictive analytics that help colleges and universities make proactive, sustainable, and smart decisions.

We're always excited when our clients offer a much needed service, but how to 'tell the story' in a simple and straight-forward way? We listened, learned, brainstormed, and built the website around four key areas: Enrollment, Retention, Budget, and Financial Aid.

monte mobile friendly responsive website

Custom Slideshow

SightLine's strength is in numbers. Rather than fill the website with stock photos, we decided to take a more unique approach: focus on the data.

Working closely with the client, several data-driven visuals were created. Each use the brand colors seen in the SightLine logo, and each illustrate the strength of SightLine in a bold—and dare we say beautiful—way.

The slideshow is one of those carefully crafted visuals that we had a vision for. We made space for short text to tell the story in three parts, and added subtle supporting images. This approach is as unique and striking as SightLine.

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Every single website we design and build has one thing common—responsiveness. What does this mean? Your website will not only look great on a desktop monitor and laptop, but it will adjust to tablet and phones almost seamlessly. This means your website visitors can focus on learning about your product or service, and not zooming in and out to read text or find a button.

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whitepaper landing page

Whitepaper Landing Page

Many small-to-medium universities struggle to create tuition pricing strategies without data to back up their decisions. SightLine recognized this problem and set out to solve it. Their Tuition Strategies landing page features both their solution —a personalized pricing report—as well as a free whitepaper download explaining some of the science behind their solution. 

We designed both the whitepaper and the landing page to create a seamless experience for their audience. This is essential in building trust and reflecting the quality of the services SightLine provides.

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logo responsive website design

Our success with SightLine didn't begin with the website.

We got involved much earlier—first with the name, then the logo, and then several supporting pieces. As you review the projects below, keep one thing in mind: cohesion. Because our skills go far beyond websites, we build brands that are unique and long-lasting.

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The Name

The name (and the logo) are the core of any brand, and when we first heard "Goldstrike," we thought it was... striking... but not quite the right fit for a predictive analytics company with a focus in higher education. We voiced our concerns, and then led them in a naming expedition—complete with ranked lists of names and a Decision Maker Aid, custom built by Matt in Excel. The result? SightLine.

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The Logo

A strong name needs the support of great logo design to be successful. Lauren created a multitude of logo concepts based on the ideas of predication and analytics. After revealing two pages of logos to the SightLine team, they narrowed them down to two directions, then just one. A few variations of logomark and colors later, and the final logo was born. The logomark represents the "scattered" data that SightLine analyzes and interprets before forming the outcome: the straight line of colorful dots. They are arranged in a left-to-right upward angle, representing the growth and positive change that results from working with SightLine.

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Design Support

The MONTE team has supported SightLine over the last few years in the creation of multiple sales tools, from a four-panel brochure to whitepapers, insert cards, and tradeshow materials. Lauren makes sure that each new item, regardless of shape or size, represents the SightLine brand in a consistent manner. The logo, colors, fonts, and design elements are always uniform—ensuring each touchpoint is a seamless brand experience.

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