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It's bright. It's bold. It's Jamadots.

Jamadots has a great range of services to offer and a crew of friendly team members to assist their customers, but their website just felt flat. They asked us to breathe life back into their brand and clear up confusion along the way. Challenge accepted.

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Brand-new Approach

When getting to know a new client, we always ask: what are you photo assets? In Jamadots' case, while they have many customers, they have very few photos of them—after all, they utilize Jamadots' service in their homes, not in public.

This left Lauren stumped for a bit, but not one to back down from a challenge, she came up with the perfect solution: Photos for purchase that feature a diverse group of people of all ages using phones, laptops, and headsets. To ensure the photos appear as a cohesive group, each of the photos has one thing in common—they are shot on a brightly colored background. Teal, pink, orange, green, blue... the wide range of colors together form a highly recognizable (and fun!) brand look for Jamadots.

responsive website design

Set up for Success

Our custom backend editor contains all the text formatting and page layout options you need to easily create pages that look great! For Jamadots we set up alternating left-right images to keep the webpages looking fresh as well as alternating white and gray background colors to keep the content organized. We even created a custom look for the many tables of information on the website.

Making Complicated Simple

One of the greatest challenges for Jamadots is to clearly communicate which services are available where, and at what price. We devised an online solution to this problem that is as easy as 1-2-3:

pricing calculator

Step 1

Enter your address 

internet phone services pricing calculator

Step 2

Confirm your address

map-based services pricing

Step 3

Click a service to see pricing

website call to action


What happens if your website visitor scrolls to the very bottom of a webpage? Don't leave them there stranded! We designed this eye-catching and fun gold row highlighting a free streaming device for Jamadots internet customers. If this area doesn't snag them, we follow it up with a "contact us" row immediately below. After all, who doesn't love options?

window clings signage design

Beyond the website

We design much more than websites. For Jamadots we've designed window graphics, rack cards, a billboard for a parade float, phonebook ads, custom map artwork, and more!

Websites. Logos. Ads. Videos.

You name it, we do it!