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SDG (Standards Design Group) wanted a clean and classy logo that reflected the technology behind their window glass software.

Their old logo carried a nostalgic weight, but didn't have the brand look they needed to continue growing well into the future. The new logomark features a striking teal and blue color combination that hints at window glass and wind. Paired with a minimal, yet modern typeface the overall effect is one of a cutting edge company.

logo design concepts

Options aplenty

Armed with notes from conversations, benchmarks, and industry inspiration, Lauren embarked on a journey of concept creation. Only the strongest and most promising concepts survive the initial internal review before being arranged and numbered for a live (screenshare) reveal with the client. Can you guess which initial concept they chose?

software services logo design

The finalists

SDG considered all the options carefully and also gathered input from trusted colleages. In the end, there were two directions they felt stood out. Lauren worked on variations of both and also applied color to help SDG in their decision. While we typically don't apply color until the logo design is final, in this case we all agreed that color was necessary to determine the best brand approach.

branding design

Crisp & Clean

Once the "wind and window" logo design was chosen, the real fun began! Lauren experimented with a range of color and line thicknesses to create the perfect combination of abstract and reality. We all agreed the shiny, grayscale "windows" were too literal as was the baby blue "sky"—the right choice was then made clear. Did you choose the same color combination as SDG? Read on to find out!

logo hierarchy primary brand
logo hierarchy secondary brand
logo hierarchy tertiary brand

Branding Rules

Once the logo color decision was made final, Lauren tweaked the logo to perfection and then created a range of options suitable for all future scenarios. There are primary, secondary, and tertiary logos in full color, two color, and one color. These options maintain the integrity of the brand, whether printed on a pen or a 20 foot billboard—because there is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to branding.

flyer graphic design

Flyer graphic design

With the logo and branding process complete, SDG requested a flyer design for their main product: Advanced Window Glass Design Software. The flyer uses the brand colors, typography, and clean grid layout, with the new logo as the icing on the... bottom right corner.

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