From Bland to Brilliant

Vanilla Brand

We often talk to our clients about whether or not their logo is sticky. Not 'icky' sticky (unidentified substance on your child's hand) or 'oh no!' sticky (gum in said child's hair), but 'super' sticky—when your target audience sees your logo they REMEMBER it.

There is nothing wrong with the previous NACRO logo... except it wasn't sticky. It didn't offend, but it was too vanilla to build a brand around. The new logo, designed by Lauren, uses a distinctive yet simple typeface and a stylized O. It represents a dynamic group of educators dedicated to engaging industry and sharing best practices.

Step 1: Logo Concepts

Lauren designed a number of logos and reviewed with the MONTE team before revealing the best options to NACRO in a meeting. That large set was narrowed down to the five strongest contenders.

Step 2: Logo Refinement

Each of the final candidates were assessed in color as well as grayscale to ensure that all possible uses were considered. Once the logo mark was chosen, color was applied in a variety of ways before the final combination of blue and black was chosen by NACRO. 

Step 3: Logo Hand-off

Lauren finetuned the chosen logo design and created versions for all use cases, including NACRO by itself, the full name to the right, and the full name underneath. She saved all versions in a variety of file types and also prepared a file showing the color numbers to help NACRO stay on-brand moving forward.

Check out how we implemented the brand in the NACRO marketing materials.

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