Engineering Laboratory Photography

We need to develop a marketing website and a handout to use at tradeshows, but to be the most effective, we first need to get updated imagery of our facilities.


We can help with all of those! We’ll first schedule a walk-though day to plan our shot list and then we’ll schedule a few photo shoots to get all the photos we need.


Let’s start with photos at the APSRC and then we can switch gears to our AERB combustion lab.


After a day of planning the shots, including mapping out what faculty and students should be in each of the photos all areas of the lap, Monte was fully prepared to capture photos of the APSRC and the AERB facilities under the APS Labs umbrella. Photos taken included centered on the dynamometer, IC engine test beds, combustion chamber, the bio plant and the configuration, analysis, and discussions that surround each of the processes. The best photos were edited and utilized in print materials and a website designed and built by Monte. 


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