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Brochure. Letterhead. Business cards. PowerPoint template. Website.

What do all of these marketing tools have in common? A lot, actually. They all use the same logo, colors, fonts, design elements, and style of photography. Together they build a strong brand presence for Schwartz Boiler. Because each piece is consistently designed, current and future customers feel confident in the quality of the services provided. 

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logo design


Schwartz Boiler has a 100 year reputation to maintain in the boiler repair industry, but wanted a new logo that paired their history with adaptability and change. The new Schwartz Boiler logo is a more modern take on the original Schwartz Boiler logo, while portraying reliability and forward motion. 

brochure design


When Lauren is tasked with designing business cards, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, and websites, her focus is on sharing a consistent message about the client’s business through the styling of the text and photos and with careful selection of colors, fonts, and formatting. 

messaging headlines writing


Matt and Ashley were responsible for crafting the message from the headlines to the bullet points of a family-run business repairing boilers for more than 100 years. Experts in the industry: leading in safety, proven under pressure, committed to quality, delivering on time, and trusted to plan with a legacy of quality.

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