Rodeo Mexican Restaurant Design

mexican menu design

If you don't have a donkey on your menu, then are you really a mexican restaurant?

Rodeo Mexican Restaurant has all the flavor and fun that you'd expect to find in the South, but it is even more rad when you encounter it in a tiny town in Northern-most part of Michigan! Rodeo wanted a fresh look for their logo, menu, signage, and website, and took us along for the ride.

menu graphic design
menu custom artwork
menu salsa detail
mexican menu cake
rodeo donkey tshirt design

Tshirt Design

Have you ever seen a more kick *ss shirt? We don't believe you.

When you have an awesome logo, you put it on a shirt. And hats. Posters. Pens. All the things, actually. Don't have a cool logo yet?

We can take care of that.


mexican restaurant signage design

Sign Design

When people are hangry, they want to eat—not think.

Make it easy for customers to find you with on-brand building signage, road signs, and vinyl decals on your restaurant door. 

Food Photography

Blah food photography is really distasteful.

Spice up your website and advertisements with photos from MONTE. We'll make a plan, stick to it, and deliver all the digital files to you before you finish browning your beef. Need a website to make the most of those photos? We do that too.


Does your logo look as good as your food tastes?

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