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Carnegie Museum needed a new website that looked old. Not outdated-old but a historical-old that captures the essence of the Copper Country from decades past.

Armed with their existing logo, photos taken by Matt, and complete creative freedom, Lauren created a new brand approach with colors as rich as the Keweenaw's mining history.

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Website Slideshow

Slideshows are an effective way to quickly tell your website visitors your story. In a few seconds, they see a variety of images, headlines, and actions/buttons. 

For Carnegie Museum, we decided to let the images speak for themselves. Rather than obscuring them with text or buttons, they proudly stand alone. They "speak" of times long past—through a historical map and painting—and contrast them with today (the sandstone architecture of the museum's physical building and the interior meeting room).

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Blog, News, & Events 

Using your blog to engage website visitors is a great way to stay top-of-mind.

We designed a "card" approach for Carnegie Museum to display their content and tag as Exhibits, Lectures, Speakers, and/or Music. Website visitors can click those orange tag text links to see all posts with that tag. 


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Your website design should be as unique as your company, products, or services.

We design each of our Drupal websites from scratch using your logo and brand colors. Do you use circle design elements in your product brochure? Great! We'll incorporate them into your website. Do you prefer clean, modern fonts? No problem—we'll find the closest web font to match. Are you known for your red trucks? We'll make sure to use that exact shade to draw attention to key areas of your website.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

It is estimated that over 50% of website viewers are on mobile devices globally.

Your website might look decent on a desktop monitor or laptop... but what about on a tablet or a phone? It is crucial that your website visitors have a great experience on your website—regardless of the device they are using. Our websites are designed to work flawlessly on every device, without any extra work for you. Our website development (web dev) team makes the magic happen automatically!

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