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Mason-Grey reached out to MONTE after seeing the website we designed and built for Copper Country Strong. They came to us for a website, but Matt encouraged them to start from the beginning and explore the brand. The resulting logo showcases the process engineering work the company is known for, while maintaining a clean, simple font.

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Website: Before

Built with a basic web page builder, the original site was lacking the stability and reliability that the Mason-Grey team brings to their projects. The site was difficult to edit and didn’t showcase the broad industries served by their qualified engineers working across the country.

Website: After

Lauren set to work engineering solutions through the design process. Building in calls-to-action and highlighting industries served through eye-catching placement on the home page and through a new and carefully planned out menu structure.  

The home page further highlights client and Mason-Grey engineering staff locations through an easy to understand map that aligns with the newly deployed branding. The row of logos build trust and provides a boon to your loyal clients. Win, win!

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Integrating the Message

Each page of the site highlights the messaging platform developed by Matt and Ashley. Through discussions with the Mason-Grey team, we felt their commitment, dedication, and reliability was what helped them stand out from the rest. The platform: Dedicated to, Proven in, and Committed to was established to showcase the type of work the Mason-Grey team does, the challenges they tackle, and the support they offer.

From logo and brochure design to messaging and responsive websites, MONTE has you covered.

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