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United Precision Products Co. Inc. is a mouthful, and their customers agreed—they often referred to them as UPP. UPP's existing logo attempted to represent aerospace, precision, and trustworthiness, but these efforts resulted in a brand so visually complex that it was easily forgotten. Lauren put the emphasis on the who (UPP) and the what (aerospace and speed) in this strong, yet simple brand featuring an arrow/aircraft flying through the name.

monte logo design branded brochure business card


Branding doesn't stop at the logo—it actually starts there. We designed a range of marketing media (brochure, flyer, business cards, PowerPoint template, website, etc.) using the brand colors, typeface, and design elements to create a united identity approach for UPP. Matt also took photos at UPP's location to help their audience visualize their services and understand the precision of their parts. Visit the full project to learn more.

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