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New brand. New website.

The existing Eck website had all the right pieces (solid content and photos) but wasn't mobile-friendly, nor did the design align with their new brand. The Eck team had a vision for a new website that included a prominent video space on the home page, and the MONTE team took the idea and ran with it.

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Responsive Website Design

The new Eck website is designed to look and function great on all screen sizes, from large desktop monitors to laptops, tablets, and phones. We built the website so that the design, photos, and text automatically adapt and flow to fit your device. 

If your website visitors are constantly frustrated by small text, content running off the edge of their screen, or having to "pinch and pull" to read a page, contact us for a free consultation on how to best improve your website!

Tricky Tables

Tables in websites are notoriously tricky to handle—both from an editing perspective as well as being difficult to display on varying screen sizes.

To ensure that Eck's information always looks great, Lauren designed these custom tables and our devlopers built them so they are easily edited by the Eck team through our custom backend interface.


Product Gallery

The Gallery page features Eck's products in a clean grid format with a hover-state box that displays the product name, application, and weight. Best of all, the website was built to make it easy for an Eck employee to add new products over time. The grid continues to grow as needed, and adapts to fit all screens.

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Creating Connections

The Contact page features a custom icon to both pinpoint the location of the Eck office, as well as orient the website visitor to the surrounding area. The live Google map is styled to match the website theme and its grayscale coloring allows the map icon to clearly stand out.

Below the map is a green "call-to-action" box that is present on every page of the website. This makes it easy for visitors to request a quote whenever they are ready.

The Eck team mentioned to MONTE that they are really active on LinkedIn. Lauren decided to capitalize on this in a clever way by adding a "stay IN touch" link that features the LinkedIn icon.


Custom Website Design

Did you know that every website we create is designed from scratch? We take your input, ideas, and inspiration and combine it with our design and user interface experience to create an on-brand website that is uniquely you.

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