Brewing Branding


What do you show when your product is invisible? This is the question we asked ourselves when Craft Cultures came to us for a brochure design. The team got to work creating the yeastie boys (and gal) to be used on the brochure, yeast batch labels and the marketing site. Each of the 9 yeasties has a distinct characteristic that represents the batch flavor. 


To align with their branding identity and the yeasties, Monte followed a non-traditional approach with the brochure – an accordion style leave behind piece, as unique as the hipster vibe of the San Francisco Lager Yeast.


illustrated brochure design
beer brochure
brochure graphic design
custom brochure design
beer website branding

Brand Materials

Monte further supported the new Craft Cultures brand with a business card design and website featuring the Yeasties.

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website brochure photography


Matt took photos that were used in the brochure and website; lending further credibility to this small business.

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