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The Keweenaw Land Trust is a community partner protecting land, water, and quality of life through conservation, stewardship, and education.

They wanted to be able to easily update their own site and asked the MONTE team to create an intuitive way for website visitors to view all their preserved and protected lands in a format just as beautiful as the lands themselves. We knew that our team's background in custom map technology would be a perfect fit for their website and the KLT team agreed. 

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Guiding website visitors

Why do people come to your website? What do you want your website visitors to find?

Sometimes the answers align; sometimes they don't. It is our job to balance the desires of your target market with your vision for the website. Lauren finds the best and most effective ways to highlight all the key messages on your website's home page. For KLT, she used four image buttons to highlight the key pages. As you scroll down the home page, you'll see how she also highlighted the map, two landing pages, and upcoming events.

upcoming events

Upcoming events

A great way to keep your website content fresh is by dynamically displaying your most recent news or content.

Do you have a solid following on Instagram? Great! We'll automatically display your four most recent posts. Do you have an active blog? We can highlight a featured article or show your most recent posts. In KLT's case, we pull in two upcoming events with the goal of encouraging website visitors to get outside and explore!

dynamic mapping technology

Dynamic Mapping Technology

Maps are a great way to visually highlight the location of your customers, products, or services in an impactful, visual way. We'll determine the best map approach to display your data and then design and develop a beautiful and intuitive interface to "wrap" it in.

Looking to highlight investment properties (or properties in general)? We've done it.

Need to communicate service areas based on address? Easy.

Want to demonstrate the success and phases of your projects? Check this out.

KLT's map differentiates between their property types—ensuring that private lands stay private and public lands are easily found—by sharing their physical location, activites and amenities, highlights, maps, and photos.

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dynamic team website technology

Who are you?

What better way to build trust than to show your team and talk about their experience? Whether your team is big or small, we will find the best way to highlight them on your website. 

KLT's team page has two categories: staff and board of directors. Each has a photo and a predetermined amount of their bio visible in a "card" view. Website visitors can scan everyone quickly and click anywhere on a person's card to read their full biography.

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custom drupal backend

Custom Drupal Backend

You've probably heard of WordPress, right? If WordPress is a Toyota, then Drupal is a Tesla. They are both web platforms that we build on, but Drupal is the infinitely customizable and way cooler cousin of WordPress.

Now that we've (briefly) covered Drupal, you might be wondering: What's a backend? Over the years we have heard the full gamut of complaints about editing websites. Too hard to change photos. Too hard to find what you need. Things are always breaking. (Note: these complaints come from websites we did NOT build).

Our web team decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a custom Drupal backend that is super easy to use. After we build your website, we screenshare to train you on the in's and out's—and record the whole thing for your future reference.

Easy peezsy!

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