From Good to Great

How do you know if a logo redesign is needed?

Maybe your logo uses a 70s font, or it is a scan of a drawing by your favorite cousin's daughter... while these are two good reasons to update your brand, the truth is that if your logo isn't working FOR YOU, then it isn't working AT ALL.

What does this mean? Your logo might be perfectly presentable, but completely miss the mark with your target audience. This disconnect results in lost opportunities. For an honest (free!) assessment of your logo, contact MONTE.


When Mason-Grey began 20 years ago, they started with a logo created by an online firm at a low, low price. As a new company, starting out, the value was in their work and not placed on the branding through a simple, type-based logo. The logo was missing what makes Mason-Grey unique.


After discussions with Mason-Grey, we wanted to create a logo that sold them and their story. Aligning with the industrial engineering work they do, we designed a logo that is clean and simple with steps that highlight the processes they follow. The new logo honors the clean, simplicity of the original mark, while launching the brand into the future. 

Each of our logo designs begins with a meeting to discuss your company, products/services, audience, greatest strengths/selling points, and vision for the future. We review benchmark brands, your likes and dislikes, and even dig into the thought behind the design of your current logo (if you have one). We ask questions and let the conversation flow naturally until we feel we "have it"—the essence of where the new brand needs to take your company moving forward.

THEN the design work begins—100% from scratch, custom logos designed specifically for your company. We don't strive for a certain number of concepts, but rather explore many different approaches before assessing them all and assembling the strongest options for your review. In most cases, 20-50 initial logo concepts make the cut (seen in the first two pages of the image).

We present these concepts to you in a meeting and explain our intentions behind each. You will express which concepts first jumped out at you, and in some cases will choose your favorite direction to refine. In other cases, we narrow down the options and send you a condensed set to share with your team and friends. Once the strongest direction has been identified, we explore design variations and refinements (page three of the image).

The logo has been refined and tweaked to perfection... now what? Color of course! In this case the client was only interested in a blue/gold color palette—but as you can see, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate color. The left page shows some of the variations (we created a couple more pages of options in addition to this) and the right side is the final color selections.

Once a logo has been finalized, it is equally important to carry the new design and color palette through the rest of your print and web media. We have acted as the "brand managers" for many of our clients, including Mason-Grey. Check out the full project to see more examples of this logo in use!

Build your brand cornerstone.

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