Industrial Products in Ecommerce Solution

We don’t currently sell any of our products online, but we know that some of our customers would prefer buying online over calling our shop. We want to maintain our content, add a blog, and also add products to sell. Do you have a solution?

Shopify is a great option for managing both content and an ecommerce solution with an easy to use backend for making updates, whether that is to individual products or collections, content pages or to the blog.

How does credit card processing and shipping work?

Shopify has their own credit card processor, or you can choose to use another external processing company, like PayPal. As for shipping, you can offer free shipping and build the cost into your products, or you can do zone shipping and set different rates per state and you can combine that with shipping by weight. If you tell us what you want the shipping to be, we can help set-up the tables in Shopify to ensure you are collecting the right amount. 


Monte began with a Shopify template that catered to the client’s needs, which included a slideshow to highlight their primary products, a button to encourage site visitors to learn about air best practices on the blog, as well as buttons highlighting the client’s top selling product collections and featured products. Lauren incorporated the client’s brand colors and masked (designer-speak for removing the background) 3D renderings as part of her template customizations. 

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ecommerce website


The products menu is easily visible on the home page to encourage site visitors to shop at their convenience, day or night, from the office or from their homes. The products are broken out into collections, including airknives, brackets, ducting, fittings, and more. Each collection houses individual products with photos taken by Monte or renderings provided by the client.

As users navigate the site, the product collections are always visible in the left column for easy navigation and purchasing. 

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The client also wanted to feature blog posts on the site as a way to educate audience members about air best practices, provide a background on airknives, and also help direct customers in what to look for in terms of products. The blog is visible both through the top level menu navigation and on the home page directly next to the slideshow. 

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