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Copper Harbor Trails Club Website

Copper Harbor Trails Club—CHTC to those in the know—is a group of highly energetic and dedicated individuals who build, maintain, and ride (duh) the trails of Copper Harbor, MI. This addrenalin-filled group wanted a website that matched their energy and captured the crazy awesome uniqueness of their club. 


You'll notice the CHTC logo starring prominently on the home page in a vibrant gold. While CHTC knew they needed a fresh website design, it was Lauren's idea to give the branding a refresh at the same time. This updated logo uses the same mountain silhouette as the previous logo, while incorporating a cleaner, taller typeface to maximize readability. The new logo places the emphasis on the location--Copper Harbor, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A horizontal, more compact version of the logo was created to maintain branding visibility when the viewer scrolls down the web page.

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Social Integration

CHTC is very active on Facebook—in fact, Facebook holds all of their most recent content, events, photos, etc. In order to make the website relevant, it was clear that social integration was a must. We built this Drupal website so that their Facebook posts automatically pull into the website under the News section on their home page. Clicking "read more" on any of the posts opens the article in their Facebook page, making it easy for a website visitor to like and follow CHTC news on Facebook.

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"The website is everything we hoped for. It shows our activity from Facebook, makes it easy for people to find our photos and videos. The site is big and bold and here to stay."


Lori Hauswirth, Executive Director 


Fact: everyone, even your 80-year-old-grandma, has a smart phone. Or a tablet. Therefore, we have come to the obvious conclusion that all websites we create will function beautifully on all devices, large and small. Applause is not necessary, but we do appreciate it.

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Interactive Trail Map

They have heard the hype, and now they can experience the trails for themselves... through an interactive map that not only shows the trails, but includes the level of difficulty, elevation, distance, and videos to boot. Check it out here.

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Embedded YouTube Videos

With killer bike trails and a one-of-a-kind location comes amazing videos. This easy to update Drupal website allows CHTC to embed video directly in their pages, so website visitors can immerse themselves in the glory of Copper Harbor and its uniquely challenging landscape.

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