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"I created a new services-based company. I need everything. Where do I start?"

First, while we LOVE getting to work with companies from the very beginning, know that this usually isn't the case. We were lucky enough to help rename Goldstrike to SightLine before designing their logo, print media, and website... and much, much more over the last few years. Whether you are an established business or just had your lightbulb moment last week, we are happy to toss ideas around and get you started off on the right foot.

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insert cards

Insert Cards

These 5.5 x 10 inch cards are printed on a substantial cardstock paper that backs up the weight of their words.

Covering key topics such as enrollment, retention, and budgeting, the insert cards are both informational and inspirational—giving higher education institutions hope that they can afford the services that will allow them to make data-backed decisions.

whitepaper design

Whitepaper Design

You want to build trust as an authority in your field. What can you do? Write a whitepaper!

Drive traffic to your website by dangling a perfectly-cooked carrot—a well-designed whitepaper seasoned with valuable information. To make it a full course meal, hire the MONTE team to write the content, design and build a landing page, and run Google and social media ads to bring your guests to the table.

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tradeshow tabletop poster

Tabletop Poster

It's compact, but packs a punch. It's light, but carries above its weight. What is it?

A tradeshow tabletop poster! At roughly 4 foot square, this poster is the perfect size to get your message across in a clear and impactful way. It occupies very little space on your table, leaving plenty of room for a laptop, brochures, or other branded giveaways. Best of all, it quickly retracts into its base and slips into a carrying case so 'take-down' at the end of the day is a breeze!



infographic design

Infographic Design

How do you visually show your competitive advantage?

Infographics are a great visual tool that allows you to quickly tell your story in an impactful way. SightLine's competitors have many hidden costs that make them appear attractive on the surface. This infographic makes it clear that with SightLine—what you see is truely what you get. 

university brochure
minimal brochure design
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folded brochure design


The SightLine team needed a brochure to leave behind at tradeshows and presentations. It needed to be small, yet informative. After brainstorming, the four-panel brochure with a gate fold was the winner.

Measuring in at just 5.25 inches square (folded) the brochure is small but mighty: it opens to nearly 21 inches to reveal content describing their services by department. It also highlights their efficiency through a 4 week start-to-finish timeline. The graphic design is simple and clean to allow the story and textures to shine.

powerpoint template design

PowerPoint Design

You have a meeting with a potential investor. You pour hours of effort into your presentation, but the investor doesn't seem impressed. What happened?

It might be a stretch to say that an investor would walk away from a good business model based on design (ok, a big stretch) BUT if they are on the fence, a poorly designed presentation might imply you aren't worth their investment. In contrast, a well-designed and properly branded presentation might be the boost you needed to show that you are intentional in all aspects of your business. PowerPoint design: small investment with a big impact.

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