Website Re-Engineered

Industrial Advancement

The cube driven home page of the past was missing the industry focus GS Engineering was searching for, clearly highlighting their four primary industries. We modified their existing site, transferring the site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 to take advantage of the content management system enhancements we made to simplify the editing process for standard users.

Engineering Designs

Lauren utilized their strongest photos paired with their tagline: “Reactive Support. Engineered Solutions” to create a welcoming homepage that confirms for their audience right from the beginning that GS Engineering serves their market. As users scroll down the home page, they see (and can quickly navigate to) solutions pages and also have clear access to their design, analysis, prototype, and testing capabilities, which showcase the product in each step of the process.

Leading Opportunities

The content pages were also reimagined to utilize the photos from the D7 content pages in a larger format with an opportunity to headline and caption the photo to allow the audience to build a greater understanding of GS Engineering’s capabilities. When possible, videos were added in to further enhance the content on the pages and to give the site visitors a chance to meet the engineers that lead the GS Engineering team. Success Story blocks further enhance the site, providing users with a file to download to learn more about a particularly challenging project. Each content page also highlights another service, capability or industry that the audience may be interested in based on the page topic, and gives an immediate call to action to reach out to a specific team member for questions.

Meeting Engineers

The leadership page serves as a space to highlight the team working at GS Engineering, providing photos, titles, and backgrounds so the audience can meet the experts they would work with throughout a project.

Beginning a Career

The Careers page showcases a photo of a GS Engineering team member hard at work, while the list below denotes the open positions, with an option to read the full details. An “apply now” button present on the careers page and the posts themselves give site visitors a clear call to action.

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