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Team Effort

28 destinations sprinkled along Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. 28 destinations photographed by Matt and Kaisa, many of which were also video'd. 28 destinations described by Ashley, who wrote and/or edited the majority of the website's content. 28 destinations featured in a vibrant, new website designed by Lauren. 28 destinations featured with an interactive map hand-coded by our development team. Photos, video, storytelling, design, development... MONTE—more than marketing.

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monte website design copper country trail interactive map

Interactive Map

This is no ordinary website. The Interactive Byway Map has it all—custom colors to match the Copper Country Trail (CCT) logo, a simple map key with icons, and custom-designed destination "cards" that appear with a click of a mouse.

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Destination Cards

Not a fan of exploring by map? We've got the linear thinkers covered with a perfectly-aligned set of destination "cards"—each featuring a photo and the name of the destination. Click a card to explore the Keweenaw.

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Single Destination

You've arrived at a single destination by either clicking a map marker or one of the destination cards. Here you can learn more about this specific destination, get directions, check out the photo gallery, or watch a video (created by Kaisa!).

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Video tour

Matt and Kaisa travelled all over the Keweenaw capturing both photo and video of the Copper Country Trail destinations. The videos Kaisa created bring the destinations to life, often capturing interesting angles from Matt's drone.

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Real Responsive

Every website we design and build responds beautifully on tablets, phones, and every size monitor. What does that mean? The design automatically adapts to fit the screen of the device you are using to view the website, ensuring that the text is always large enough to comfortably read. Are you on a phone or tablet now?

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Design Details

The original Copper Country Trail logo was tall and narrow... making it difficult to use in a website. Lauren received permission to tweak the logo for web, and created a few social media logo options while she was at it. Because of the historical significance of the CCT destinations, she used a scan of a hand-drawn mine schematic as a watermark in the background. Another thoughtful design decision—does the organic orange area at the bottom of each page look familiar?

Hint: It was repurposed from the logo. All of these seemingly little details come together to help support the story of an area formed through perseverance, grit, and tenacity.

monte website design development mobile friendly

Outdoor photography

Rugged shoreline. Pristine forests. Stately buildings. The destinations along the Copper Country Trail Byway are unique and fascinating in their own way. The MONTE team designed and developed this website to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the area as captured in Matt and Kaisa's photography. We invite you to explore the Keweenaw virtually and consider making a trip there in the future—with so much to see, do, and taste, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience!

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